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  • Champion Ring

  • Sunglass

  • Temporary Tatoos

  • Custom Google Cardboard

  • Umbrella

  • Bottle Glorifier

  • Lanyard

  • Baby On Board

  • Ballpoint Pen

  • Feather Flag

  • Paper Lantern

  • Thunder Stick

  • Magic 8 Ball

  • Car Sun Shade

  • Glove

  • Pop Up Tent

  • Silicone Wristband

  • Traverse Tumblers

  • Cotton Bag

  • USB Flash Drive

Lasted Products

  • Custom Sunglass Case

  • Custom Bobble Head

  • Custom Baseball Cap

  • Custom Cocktail Pitcher

  • Custom Trophy

  • Plush Dtuffed Toy

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  • Custom Metal Holder

  • Custom Cone Cocktail Jug

  • Baseball Bat Cap

China Direct Supplier

    Reliable And Trusted Partner

    if you are interested in knowing more about becoming a reseller of promotional items and currently utilising many varios companies in China and would prefer to consolodate with a reliable and trusted partner. We are well-train supplier here. We manage promotional programs for s few clients over here and we also manage merch programs for many Motorsport events .we understand that you are tired of supplier that can offer us many options rather than at the moment having 5-10 different companies.

    Promotional Items For the Workplace

    Promised Lead-time: We understand promotional is a very time sensitive industry and when we give dispatch dates they must be kept.we are more reliable because we will not do a over promise and will be responsible for any delay which will bring you more client and long-term business. Response Time: – So far we have a 6700+ promotional product database, i believe that it can support your provide informations to your client as quick as possible and it is still being add. We have more great worker who work hard that will help you at 7/24 hours. We see that Promotional products can increased sales rates by and most of their client are happy to do business after receiving a promotional items. They will remember the name of advertisers who had given promotional items. We understand that sometimes things go wrong with orders, we will communicate with us immediately so that together we can find a solution – we also want to keep issues to a minimum. to be pro active and come to your with new/exciting products that will be relevant to your clients. We expect to build a strong working relationship with your who we trust to produce quality, timely, competitive products.

    Global Sourcing

    We have long established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of printed items in China. This means we have more great guys and their hard works to provide you quick-response-time service. As well as supplying with promotional products, We can offer a in-hand price or distribution service for all organisations, This enables you to benefit from the cheaper prices of big purchasing from China direct. If you need a customized-product of bulk purchasing or a China YIWU agent, we will do our best to reach your budget, We work with USA partner so we know the quality/price issue well. we believe that we will provide best payment terms with you once you order reach our target per month. We like you grow and we extend our business to your country.we always try not to surprise your and will be your eyes and mouth in China. We will let you know what happen here and give our advice if we face any problem.